for our music mentors 

For those teachers registered with us, we also offer the following benefits by your association. If you are qualified and looking to have good learners who have the interest and passion for music, this is ideal choice for the teacher. This holds true for both vocal and instrumental teachers.

Technical Infrastructure:

Use our technical infrastructure to teach and focus your energy on your teaching alone. We have different formats and courses available on our portfolio. You are free to choose the type of course, time duration etc. We will find the right audience for you to teach.

Availability of Quality Material:

There is no dearth of books available on music teaching and also free material available online. But availability of quality material is not that easy. We have ready to teach quality material that the teacher can use for their classes. With the availability of material, you also attract quality students who don't compromise on the study material. Kindly contact us and express your interest.

Discount at Recording Studio:

Since we have partnered with professional recording studio, you don't need to worry about ways of recording your music if required. We have discounted prices as this is for educational purpose. Also the studio offers excellent ambience and recording facility with which we have already launched some courses on our portal.

Management of Students & Payment:

Music teachers need not worry about maintaining the records of students, classes attended, and check  payments from their students/learners. All your logistics are taken care by our centralized software and payments are debited directly to your bank account. There is clear policy on all our terms and conditions regarding payment to the instructor.

Flexibility of Course Content:

The teachers also have flexibility to create course content and we offer support in various ways. We offer discount at our partnered studio to make quality material at a nominal price. We share the cost of audio material production so that the teacher is not burdened in this process. We want to make the launching of any course material at a quick pace by providing necessary help in infrastructure and costs. Come and experience all these benefits by registering on our contact page as a mentor. contact us

Last modified: Saturday, 8 March 2014, 8:41 AM