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Our Goal

Each of us would have experienced joy of listening to music in one form or the other. Real music inspires and brings solace to the listener. While listening music is one good thing, there is a great difference between a listener and learner of music. A music learner practices what he listens and hence appreciates to a great extent. While some are born with musical instinct, others may not. While some were lucky to get trained from experienced gurus, many are not. We at "SangeethShala" will address the above gaps and bring to the learners the best of teaching techniques of music both: vocal and instrumental.

Role of Guru

When we speak about Indian classical music the role of Guru is very important and it is always a testing time for passionate student to get a Guru, who will understand his potential and guide in a proper direction. With changing scenarios its very sad to say but passionate music lovers struggle to get the gurus .Our platform is trying to help the students by learning themselves. We will provide them with a self-study material in the audio format along with the study tips. It’s a small effort to help the people to understand the basic technicalities in a simplified version and to some extent they will able to read listen, imitate, apply and render a small presentation of Raga in a decent way.

Self Study Format

Lots of commercialization, unavailability of quality gurus, diluted methods in teaching music, expensive fee cost structure for in person training, problems in virtual class coaching, are some of the factors that allowed us to think about alternate methods where a common person can get a chance to learn Hindustani music in self-study format. Our self study format will help the learner to get the best quality material and also access to experienced mentors.

Learning With Karaoke

For those learners who want flexibility to learn, we have also developed self learning material. Using the material which has both audio and the pdf versions, the learners can grasp the fundamentals at their own pace. The learner can request the mentors help on demand and hence can learn at a relaxed pace without any deadlines. It is said: "Sruthi Matha, Laya Pitha". We have introduced courses with karaoke tracks fully recorded in professional studio so that you will enjoy the virtual learning.

Lessons for Beginners & Intermediate Levels

Our faculty will keep the learning more interactive and adopt best techniques. We understand the constraints of time in this busy world. We understand the initial hiccups of a newbie and even slow starters. We also want to give opportunity for those learners who learnt in childhood but left it midway due to personal constraints. We have therefore developed courses for both: beginners and intermediate levels of learners.

Blend Of Traditional and Modern Techniques 

We adopt both: traditional learning methods and also use modern tools for learning. We ensure we put our best efforts to match the face to face experience with our tools and online class room experience. The learner may be physically away from teacher's presence but he is always guided through the lesson plans and feedback sessions.  To keep learning more fun and interactive, we will also have quizzes and interactive events between mentor/student and within students at regular intervals. While there are many online ventures that are into teaching music, we have adopted a structured way to teach. Each course will have the overview, the broad syllabus and the duration of the course. We have designed all these keeping in mind the average learning curve of learners. Using these courses, we also assure you can appear for music certifications and exams held by different schools in India in. And so..Begin Your Musical Journey


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