Courses Overview

It is true that nobody can substitute the face to face experience of learning from a mentor. However, in the current day context there are many factors which are not conducive for sincere music learners. We need to look at creative and alternative ways of learning whether it is distant learning or learning under the guidance of a mentor remotely. To make the learning effective, we are continuously taking efforts to prepare best study material which is practical and easy to follow for the learners. As an outcome, our Hindustani Vocal music stream is loaded with audio and practical lessons for interested learners. Apart from the material, mentors are the backbone for any learning venture. We took utmost care to select only qualified mentors who have a good track record and enjoy teaching. Our courses have a structured approach to learning music and take into account the learning curve of any prospective learner. Our courses have sufficient theory and practice lessons to give a comprehensive knowledge of the concepts behind each school of music. At SangeethShala, we offer different types of courses based on the mode of learning. Self Learning Courses (SLC), Mentor Led Courses (MLC) & Karaoke Led Courses (KLC) 

Our Course Offerings

Self Learning Courses (SLC): These music courses are meant for learners who can follow the study material with instructions along with it. It is suitable for learners who can grasp the concepts of music just by listening and following the instructions in the tutorials.  The advantage with these type of courses lies in the fact that the learner can listen to the material any number of times till he grasps the concept. The learner need not depend on the mentor on a regular basis and so there is less dependence on the availability of mentor. SSC gives ample time and scope for the learner to cope with the lesson plans in case of constraints of time. However, when the mentor's help is required, it can be done with prior notice to the mentor through our platform. Follow-ups and feedback sessions with the learner in self study courses happens via virtual class where instructor interacts with the learner face-to-face. Hence with SSC, you get dual benefit of learning and also mentoring. Under the SSC program, currently two courses are offered: Hindustani Prathama Self Study

Mentor Led Courses(MLC): These music courses are the more popular type of format where the mentor directly interacts with the learner on a regular basis. This is done by making use of video&audio streaming tools with which learner can talk face-to-face with the mentor. With regular classroom sessions, the learner can interact face to face with the mentor remotely and just like any distant education, this is very much possible. The mentor uploads the material on the tool for the class and structures the lesson plan accordingly. Needless to say, MLC's offer more scope for interaction with mentor and is closest substitute for face-to-face classes. While it takes some time to get used to this type of learning, it is quite an effective format of learning. MLC format of learning is more effective if the internet bandwidth is sufficient to support on both:  mentors' and the learners' side. Under the MLC program, currently the following courses are offered: Carnatic Prathama & Hindustani Violin. 

Karaoke Led Courses (KLC):

These music courses allow the learners to quickly follow the instructor on the song along with background music. These courses are designed for advanced learners who are already having strong fundamentals in music. The karaoke tracks enables the learner to sing and enjoy the experience of singing like a professional artist. These courses prepare the learners to be stage ready so that they can perform when opportunity arises. To keep your memories alive, we also provide recording studio services to record your voice on the karaoke and bring out an amateur album. Currently we offer Annamacharya Krithis (Telugu) as part of this stream. View this link for more details: Semi-Classical Music. 

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