Hindustani Flute:

This course focuses on learning Hindustani style of playing flute. Hindustani flute popularly known as Bansuri is a six holed wooden bamboo flute and is one of the simplest intrument. The sound of bansuri has touched many individuals across the world. It comes closest to vocal music as different moods can be expressed on Bansuri just like vocal music. The art of playing solo bansuri was popularised by the legend Sri Pannalal Ghosh and later taken across the world by renowned artists like Pt. Hariji. In recent times, many young flautists have come up like Sri Praveen Godkhindi, Pt. Ronu Majumdar, Sri Rakesh Kulkarni etc. 

If you are inspired to play and learn flute, this is the course to enrol. Take the foundation course if you are a new bie. 

  • Correct positioning of fingers and producing different swaras
  • Exercises on producing the different notes: S, R, G , M , P , D , N , S
  • Playing notes in different patterns 
  • Sustaining notes and playing notes in 2 speeds
  • Introduction to Raga Yaman,Raga Bhairav and Raga Bhimpalas and Raga Bhupali
  • Lakshangeet in Rag Bhairav and Rag Bhimpalas.
  • Swaramalika in Raga Bhimpalas.
  • Bhajan composition.
  • Taals Covered: Teentaal (16 beats)

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