Tabla is one of the instrument that is used for accompaniment for almost all Indian music. It was born from Mridangam (another instrument) and is used extensively in almost all types of Indian Music and more prominently in the Hindustani style of music. Various legends have made this instrument popular. 

About Our Mentors:

Sri Muthu Kumar is a tabla perfomer and teacher based with extensive experience and knowledge in art of playing the tabla. A professional music career spanning over 18 years, he has travelled across many countries and performed in various places. He has played for classical, jazz, bhajan, ghazal , fusion and popular bollywood music. Some of his achievements include: 

  • Played tabla for a popular bhajan series called 'Living God' with singer Sri Ajnish Rai
  • Played with legendary musicians like Alice Coltrane, John Barnes
  • Played with Jazz pianist: Slawek Kulpowitz in Poland.  
  • He also produced a solo CD called Tabla Rap in 2004
  • Conducted many workshops at Crossroads Music Festival (Warsaw, Poland) in 2006,2009 and at Alliance Franchise, Bangalore

An young and talented artist, he is a rare combination of hard work and creative artist. We are privileged to have him as our Mentor at our institute. 

Sri Praveen Narayan is a budding percussionist from Bangalore. Born to a passionate Mrudangist Sri Narayana Swamy and ably trained under Sri Muthu Kumar for the last nine years in classical Tabla, rhythm is in his blood. He plays Indian and world percussions like the Dholak, Khol, Cajon, Djembe apart from Mridangam and Tabla. He also applies his musical knowledge in playing the electronic percussion Handsonic. He feels humbled to have accompanied many renowned musicians and dancers across India like Sri Bombay Murthy, Sri TV Hariharan, Sri Anyatha Patnaik (Flute Bhutto), Karnataka Kalashree Guru B Bahanumathi to name a few.

He is a graduate in Economics from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Inspired by his Guru and music, Praveen wishes to dedicate his life in unravelling the mysteries of sound and rhythm. He will teach tabla to students of SangeethShala via online medium with the same dedication and passion that he learnt.

  • Hand placement, Basic Strokes  and Combined sounds
  • Introducing Kayda (compositions)
  • Introduction to rhythmic concepts, patterns and structures
  • Learning various Rhythmic cycles
  • Introduction to Phrases like DhineGene and Dhire Dhire
  • Listening and appreciation sessions

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  • Higher level Kaydas
  • Learning Poly Rhythm of Jatis
  • Learning various Tukdas
  • Introduction to Chakradaars
  • Introduction to Gath and Paran
  • Compositions in different Taals like Jhaptaal, Rupak Taal and Ek Taal
  • Compositions in Chachar Rang, Kanda Jati, Tishra jati and Chatushra Jati
  • Introduction to Peshkar
  • Listening and Appreciation Sessions