Learn Hindustani Music Online Free with the following modules. These are designed and written keeping in view the prestigious music university syllabus like Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva University, SNDT University.  The content is presented in  pure and undilued format. All material are provided with self learning instructions with Audio and Text material.  Take the following course free of cost !!

Course Description:
  • Introduction to Alankar in Swar and Aakar form.
  • Differentiation of Komal and Tivra Swaras as compared to Shuddha Swara.
  • Introduction to Raga Yaman,Raga Bhairav and Raga Bhimpalas.
  • Lakshangeet in Rag Bhairav and Rag Bhimpalas.
  • Swaramalika in Raga Bhimpalas.
  • Bhajan composition.
  • Theory: Definitions of important musical terms,Short notes on important musical concepts.
  • Taals Covered: Teentaal (16 beats)
Course fee:  FREE

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