Songs of Purandara Dasa:

Purandara Dasa's songs are popular both in Hindustani and Carnatic music. The foremost Hindustani musician teacher of Tansen, Swami Haridas was Purandara Dasa's disciple. Purandara Dasa was the first composer to include comments on ordinary life in song compositions. He used elements of colloquial language for his lyrics. He introduced folk ragas into the mainstream, setting his lyrics to tunes/ragas of his day so that even a common man could learn and sing them. According to traditional sources his compositions number as many as four lac and seventy five thousand. But not more than 700 compositions are accessible now.(Source: Wikipedia) In this course, we aim to preserve the legacy and pay our tributes to the legendary compositions of Purandara Dasa.

In this course of ours, we have devised unique way to teach the songs for our learners. We choose a set of melodious songs which a person with basic knowledge of music can learn. To keep it interesting, we have devised a three step approach to learning these songs.  Mrs. Vidya Deshpande, a young and talented  Hindustani music mentor and performer has created this course with lot of sincerity and effort. She is ably supported by Navneeth on Keyboard, Sri Nidhi on the Tabla and Vivek on the Flute. We have  step-by-step instructions for each song to support you in learning. Please check the sample composition and tracks in the course description to know more.

steps to learn

The songs in this module are in composed in Kannada language. But all of us know that music has no language barriers. They are based on  Sri Purandara Dasa's songs set to Hindustani Raagas. Hindustani Music is like a huge tree which offers fruits of divine music to all of us. 





Welcome to the course on Songs of Sri Purandara Dasa. These are melodious songs which have special message for each of us. Each learner will be guided through a step by step approach in the lessons.As a unique feature, we have introduced singing tracks separately for both male and female voices. This will help all our learners to enjoy singing these songs. We have included lyrics, meaning and tune for each of the compositions. All the karaoke tracks are also included for your practice & reference. Set to different types of Raagas like Hamsadwani, Mishra Tilang and Taals like Teen Taal and Dadra, we are sure our learners will benefit from this course.

Course Duration: 6 months

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