Learn Carnatic Flute:  

Flute is one of the simplest instrument which is used to produce one of the most melodious sound. Flute or Murali is also the instrument used by Shri Krishna and occupies very high place in our culture and history. This course aims at teaching Karnatic flute to our learners for different levels of learners: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. We sincerely wish that you can learn any instrument with constant practice, support from the mentor and above all your commitment and interest in mastering the instrument. So enrol now to the course and start exercising your fingers and breath on the flute.

Arun Flute Mentor

Our Mentor: 

Mr. Arun Shantharam has close to 21 years of playing on flute. He has been teaching flute for the past 3 years. He has performed in many Carnatic music concerts in Bangalore. He has trained several students in carnatic music both in flute and vocal. He has trained under the guidance of  Vidwan B. Shankar Rao who happens to be disciple of Flute Maestro: Sri T R Mahalingam. Some of his flute renderings may be found at his personal blog: SangeethaSagaram.

He has repertoire of over hundred of carnatic music compositions in Telugu, Kannada and Sanskrit languages in several popular and rare raagas like Atana, Bilahari, KAmbhoji, Bhairavi, Mishra Maand, Kapi, Raagavardhini, Neetimati, RAsikapriya etc.  He has been giving flute stage  performances in Bangalore for over a decade now.

Course Description:
  • Concept of Sapta Swaras, Prakruti and Vikruti Swaras, Raaga , Arohana, Avarohana and Taala. 
  • Flute Blowing technique and Articulation for Swara Staana of Maayamaalavagoula
  • Instrumental and Vocal practise sessions of Sarale Varase lessons in raaga Maayamaalavagoula and Harikambhoji in 3 speeds 
Duration: 3 months (one class per week)
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Course Description:
  • Concept of one kala and two kala in Adi Taala
  • Janta Varasas: (Double notes) Vocal and Instrumental sessions for the practice
  • Daatu Varasas: Practising these notes on vocal and instrument
  • Playing the daatu varasas in three different speeds on flute
  • Practise sessions and tips for playing three different octaves on flute   
Duration: 3 months(one class per week)
Course fee: Click here for pricing

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