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Welcome to our Monthly Music Quiz feature. These are created purely for your learning purpose. These quizzes are free and you can revise all your concepts of music through these. Take a minute to Register (if you haven't done yet), and you are ready to go!! We announce the winner of each quiz and give them free subscription to our courses. 

In this monthly edition of quiz, we focus on some of the fundamentals of carnatic music. Enjoy answering these questions and win prizes.


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In this edition of the quiz, we bring to our readers the different forms of singing types. We are all familiar with some types: Ghazal, Bhajan etc. There are many more and it is interesting to hear them in this quiz.

Take the quiz, easy to answer multiple choice questions...and for the scorers get free subscription to one of our courses.

The winner for this month is: Chithra Shankar from Manchester, UK.  She scored all correct entries !!

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Yes, it is time for the second monthly Quiz.  We have another set of interesting questions with more audio and concepts of music to make this interesting.  All you have have to do is Click on the MusiQuiz-2 (link) or Take the Quiz Button and Click on Enrol Me button. Please login if you haven't yet before this step. You will then be taken to the Quiz Page.  As usual the topper gets free subscription to one of our Self Learning Courses.

Thanks to all participants for attempting the Quiz. Congrats to the winner for this month quiz. The winner is: 

Vinoth Kumar Lakshmi Narayanan , Hyderabad , India

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Take this free quiz and test your knowledge on music. Sample Quizzes include getting to know the science behind Indian Music, its notes, concepts of ragas, taala and host of other concepts. Top scorer of this month will get free goodies from us.

Thanks to All Participants for taking this quiz.

The winner is : SukhPreet Panesar from Abbotsford, Canada

(This quiz is closed for now but you are free to attempt it for your learning!!)

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