Hindustani Violin

This course is both for beginners and intermediate levels of learners. A beginner will start with pieces and or exercises that do not require precise or complicated technique in right or left hand. It takes years of practice to become a good violinist. The violinist will develop fundamental skills necessary for all other techniques, such as proper bow and violin holding. As the musician develops more and more confidence and skill in both left and right hand, pieces and exercises will become progressively more difficult. When necessary, they will also learn techniques and skills that will enhance their playing. The violinist has to learn to put the fingers in exactly the right place so that the music is "in tune”. 

As always, every skill requires patience and dedication. We hope the learner puts his effort and focus on the course so that he gets benefitted. Our goal is to make learners play tunes independent of the mentor.

Listen to Demo Program given by Our Mentor:  

Course Description:
  • Knowledge about working of violin
  • Correct position to hold the violin. Role of both the hands in holding the instrument
  • How to maintain and take care of the violin? 
  • Videos on producing sound on violin with practical demonstration 
Duration: 3 months
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