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It is true that nobody can substitute the face to face experience of learning from a teacher. However, in the current day context where time and distance have become constraints, people are looking to virtual classroom scenario and still be updated with all nuances of music. To make the learning effective, we take care to select only qualified mentors who have a good track record. Also our courses have a structured approach to learning music. Our courses have enough theory and practice lessons to give a comprehensive knowledge of the concept behind each school of music. At SangeethShala, we offer two types of courses based on the mode of learning. Self Paced Music Courses and Mentor Led Courses.   

Self Paced Courses are meant for learners who can follow the study material with instructions along with it. The advantage lies in the fact that the learner can listen to the material any number of times till he grasps the concept. The learner need not depend on the mentor regularly and so there is less dependence on the availability of mentor. It gives ample time and scope for the learner to cope with the lesson plans in case of constraints of time and there is no external pressure to learn in a particular time period. However, help from mentor can also be obtained with prior notice to the mentor. All follow-ups with the learner in these happens via virtual class where instructor interacts with the learner face-to-face. Hence here you get dual benefit of learning and also mentoring. Under this category, currently two courses are offered:Hindustani Prathama & Semi-Classical Music. 

Mentor Led Courses are the more popular type of format where the mentor directly interacts with the learner on regular basis. This is done by tools by which learner can talk face-to-face with the mentor using video/audio streaming tools. We have these tools available and all MLC subscribed learners will use this elearning tool. The teacher uploads the material on the tool for the class and structures the lesson plan accordingly. Needless to say, MLC's offer more scope for interaction with mentor and is closest substitute for face-to-face classes. However with constraints of video bandwidth not streaming efficiently in some of the geographies, MLC type of format sometimes suffers from poor communication. If the bandwidth is sufficient, MLC formats offers best type of learning. Under the MLC program, currently the following courses are offered: Carnatic Prathama & Hindustani Violin & Hindustani Prathama

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